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The Pickup Defender 90/110/130 gives off-road fans the best of both worlds, blending the iconic Land Rover Defender design and profile into a unique pickup format. For authenticity’s sake, we must not forget to include one of the most characteristic Defender features… the Spare Wheel.

This custom fabrication allows you to give your Defender Pickup back that emblematic spare tire displayed prominently in the back bed. This Debsch bed-mounted spare carrier, fabricated from durable steel is designed to carry up to a 40” tire, with adjustable mounts allowing you to position the carrier to accommodate a range of tire widths and wheel offsets. Each mount is powder-coated black for long-life corrosion resistance and features rubber gaskets to keep your truck bed free form any abrasion.

Give your Defender pickup a more aggressive look and practical access to a full-size spare any time you need with a Debsch Bed-Mounted Spare Wheel Carrier.

Debsch Bed-Mounted Spare Wheel Carrier

SKU: 20221202
    • Custom Spare Carrier for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130
    • Bed-mounted spare tire carrier
    • Robust off-road functionality, look and feel.
    • Adjustable mount to fit any tire size up to 40” and any wheel offset.
    • Rubber gaskets protect contact points from any scratches or abrasion.
    • Durable Steel composition.
    • Powder-coated black for corrosion resistance.
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