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Are the Land Rovere Defenders authentic?

We get asked this a lot. Over the decades since Land Rovers have been around, factories around the globe have been set up to produce them, from Iran, to Spain, to Brazil and even Turkey to name a few. All of our Defenders are sourced from England, unless we specifically mention otherwise.

How long would it take to get a Land Rover?

If you see one in our current inventory, it is available immediately! If you however dont see what you are specifically looking for, then we will have to order one for you, and depending on availability, this could take 6-12 months to curate. The time to source starts with a deposit from the customer.

Are these vehicles legal to drive in the USA?

Despite being a Right Hand Drive, all of our vehicles are titled and legal on all US roads.

Can you make my vehicle a Left Hand Drive?

This is an arduous task and will add significant time to our delivery schedule, but yes, the conversion can be made. We always recommend that customers don't do that, as it takes away from the vehicle's authenticity, but that's just because we are purists, however we will do as you please.

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