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  • Debsch Motors imports & sells authentic British Landrover Defenders, which are hand-selected in the UK, then extensively & artistically restored in the US.

  • As enthusiasts we identified a void in the US market for Original Defenders restored to a superior level. Our meticulous process uses exclusively Land Rover Defender parts, restored with American quality workmanship.

  • The result is a series of highly desirable machines, personally tailored for each customer.

  • Debsch Motor’s collective experience, unique talent & passion guarantee the transformation of these iconic machines into their period correct & quintessentially British new form, adding select modern conveniences and upgrades.

  • Our goal is to be the trendsetter in the field – creating rare, beautiful, and functional new machines.

  • We work with each customer at a time, recognizing their unique personality and matching that to their customized new Defender.

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